Kristen Bell Will Need Some Saving in Quarter-Life Crisis-Fueled ‘The Lifeguard’

By  · Published on July 17th, 2012

If you’ve ever wanted to see Kristen Bell get it on with a teen delinquent, have we got a project for you. Deadline Denver reports that Bell will star in Liz W. Garcia’s The Lifeguard, which centers on “a reporter on the verge of 30 who abandons her life in New York City, returns home to get her high school job as a lifeguard, and starts a dangerous relationship with a 16-year-old delinquent.” Oh, yeah! The Lifeguard sounds a bit like the soon-to-be-released Hello I Must Be Going, but considering how often audiences are subjected to films about older men going through quarter- and mid-life crises that involve a relationship with a younger lady, seeing the story flipped to be female-centric is a nice change.

The film will also star Mamie Gummer, Martin Starr, Alex Shaffer, Joshua Harto, and Amy Madigan. While none of their roles have been specified, that’s a pretty solid supporting cast, so The Lifeguard already sounds significantly more swim-y than sink-y. We’ll also hazard a guess that perhaps Shaffer (Win Win) will play the delinquent teen, as he’s the youngest cast member named here, and while he’s nineteen years old, he has a young enough face for the role.

The film will be Garcia’s feature debut, as she’s previously worked as a television producer and writer (including writing and producing on Cold Case and creating, writing, and producing Memphis Beat alongside Harto, who is also her husband).