Korean ‘Host’ to Have Sequel, Not Remake

Oldboy (2003). High Tension (2003). The Host (2006). What do all of these films have in common? Two things: 1. they all kick some serious ass, and 2. they are all pretty sweet foreign horror films that haven’t, to my knowledge, been fodder for crappy U.S. remakes.

Luckily for us, Korean production and distribution company Chungeorahm and China’s Stone Man Films has decided to co-produce a Chinese (read: not U.S.) sequel to the Korean hit The Host. The Host’s planned sequel will be helmed and scripted by China’s Ning Hao (Crazy Stone, 2006), and production credits are shared by Chungeorahm (try to say that out loud) producer Choi Yong-bae and Daniel Yu (who produced Crazy Stone while working for Hong Kong’s Focus Films).

Although the project is unnamed as of yet, Variety seems to have an incredibly detailed description of its projected plot, reporting that the movie will revolve around a “calamity” that ensues when “people ignore a monster due to their desire for money.” The original film, The Host, follows the events that occur after a careless morgue empties hundreds of bottles of formaldehyde into the sewers near Seoul’s Han River, a terrifying mutant with a taste for blood is born and begins wreaking havoc on the city, causing an international crisis between South Korean and the American government after a U.S. marine contracts a strange and mysterious disease by coming into contact with the creature.

At the time of its release, The Host was seen by 12 million people and grossed $60.6 million dollars, pointing to a strong interest that the sequel’s producer, Choi Yong-bae, recently commented on, saying, “Chinese film markets are driven by blockbusters with themes of epic drama and martial arts. It’s time to provide more varied types of commercial films.” Shooting for the sequel is expected to begin early next year for a release date towards the end of 2009.

Did you see The Host? What do you think about the sequel?

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