Knight and Day Trailer: Actually Looks Good. No, Seriously…

This isn’t what I expected. I’m not a Tom Cruise hater, and in fact I generally like the man’s movies, but I was convinced Knight and Day was going to suck from the moment it was announced.

The movie was originally called Wichita, and while it told us absolutely nothing about the movie and had to be changed it was still a hundred times better than the terribly punny Knight and Day. Once the plot description was revealed to be a seeming rehash of True Lies and Mr. and Mrs. Smith my expectations sunk even lower. Director James Mangold has made a few good movies (Cop Land, Identity, Walk the Line), but his last attempt at anything involving comedy was the Hugh Jackman/Meg Ryan stinker Kate & Leopold. And the final nail in the coffin was the addition of Cameron Diaz. Ugh.

But today a new trailer has appeared online, and you know what? It doesn’t look bad at all. I’d even say it looks pretty damn entertaining. Check it out below along with the official plot synopsis then tell us what you think.



An action-comedy that begins when a small-town woman has a chance encounter with a mysterious man. He is either the man of her dreams or, perhaps… of her nightmares. Amid shifting allegiances and unexpected betrayals, they are swept up in a whirlwind of globe-hopping adventure and world changing secrets.

See what I mean? Cruise haters will still try to trash it, but the damn thing looks good. Cruise has the off-kilter and crazy patter down and manages to be both convincing and fun. The man’s funny people. The action and stunts look impressive and exciting, especially the chase scenes through the European cities. And with the sole exception of the really bad green-screen effect during the ‘running of the bulls’ scene even the special effects look better than expected from an action comedy.

Consider me cautiously optimistic…

What do you think? Can you get past your hatred of Cruise long enough to possibly enjoy this one?

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