‘Kiss of the Damned’ Trailer Makes Blood Sucking Sexy Again

Kiss of the Damned

Kiss of the Damned looks like a daytime soap opera graduated, lived in its parents’ basement for a few years and decided the only career it needed was doing body shots at a dank nightclub. Whether that’s your thing or not, the movie from director Xan Cassavetes can at least be credited with bringing sexy back. It’s funny to think of Twilight as chaste considering some of the bed-breaking imagery the movies gave us, but to a large extent they neutered the baser instincts of the monsters we know and love.

None of that’s happening here. The black lingerie-clad bloodsucker whose into BDSM for her own safety makes that perfectly clear.

Check out the trailer for yourself:

Everything’s laid bare there. It looks a bit cheesy, a bit by the book, but there’s so much gratuitous sex and entrails that it feels like Cinemax should be distributing. I think we could all use a shower after that, cold or not.

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