‘King Kelly’ Trailer Was Shot Entirely on iPhones, But Don’t Let That Scare You

King Kelly Trailer

If modern technologies like video upload sites and HD video cameras small enough to fit into phones are scaring you because of the new possibilities they bring to narcissistic vanity goblins like Internet porn stars and reality TV actors, then King Kelly might be the scariest horror movie you see all year.

But, if teenage-aimed movies like Project X, which glorify the most vapid and soulless aspects of party-obsessed youth culture, really get under your skin and make you mad, then King Kelly might be the funniest piece of satire you see all year.

Shot entirely on iPhones and telling the story of a teenage girl who makes amateur strip videos (Louisa Krause) looking to get into the world of indie filmmaking (you know, so she can be famous), King Kelly appears to be a brutal skewering of the self-obsession and celebrity worship that’s running rampant in today’s culture. Thanks to advances in modern technology, nearly anyone can now take a shot at becoming famous (as long as they’re willing to humiliate themselves), and the effects of that seem to be a gradual poisoning of our society that’s not looking like it’s going to end anytime soon.

The big question is whether or not today’s young people will even be able to identify the humor in King Kelly’s subject matter. Has this stuff become so ubiquitous that a movie that looks like this could be sold with a straight face as the hot new party movie about underage chicks, cell phones, and buying drugs from “ghetto dudes?” Watch the trailer. Get scared. Pain is pleasure. [via Twitch]

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