Killing With Kindness: Tackling Serial Killing Fandom With ‘Don’t Ever Change’

Don't Ever Change

Fans are the worst. Specifically, this fan.

How do you move on from a past life of crime? Everything from Mindhunter to Silence of the Lambs has asked this, and now, with black humor, so does Don’t Ever Change.

Here, the purveyor of a killings-focused website asks a former serial killer for her to overstep some moral boundaries and abandon her life of domesticity. Even more complications arise because the killer’s estranged daughter has returned home to reconnect with her mother, a murderer.

Written and directed by Don Swaynos, this short film premiered at Overlook Film Festival and continues to be a fresh, energetic approach to slasher fun while criticizing a fan culture that can often go too far.

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