Killers Trailer: Kutcher and Heigl Make Us Wanna Run Run, Run Away

Whatever happened to director Robert Luketic? When he hit the scene with Legally Blonde, there was potential there. Then even after delivering Monster in Law, he made a comeback of sorts by showing more “potential” with 21. Now here we are, staring down the barrel of Killers, which stars Ashton Kutcher as a regular guy by day, killer secret agent by night who gets wrapped up in hilarious follies with a dumbfounded gal played by Katherine Heigl. This sort of low-concept romcom/actioner mix-n-match just isn’t cutting it, and neither are these jokes.

For both Kutcher and Heigl, this is more of the same. Earlier this week, I watched Kutcher spaz his way through the abundance of screen time he was given in Valentine’s Day, despite his being the least interesting of the film’s 35 storylines. Heigl is on the down-and-out, where not even a dirty(lite) comedy with Gerard Butler can save her. But if you thought The Ugly Truth was a monstrous affair, wait until you see the trailer below.

I digress, not because I want to, but because I fear I may pop a blood vessel in my head if forced to carry on about this trailer. Killers is due in theaters June 4, 2010.


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