Kieran Culkin Joins Scott Pilgrim and His Fight Against The World

Culkin Joins Scott Pilgrim

If you haven’t read the “Scott Pilgrim” series of comic books, you probably won’t know what I’m talking about, but you should. I have to admit getting hooked on Pilgrim’s antics after my friend Sara let me borrow the four published digest-sized books (there are three more on the way).

The books chronicle the precious little life of Scott Pilgrim – a slacker’s slacker who plays bass (decently) for a local band called Sex Bob-omb, has no means of making money, shares a small apartment with a smart ass roommate, and gets into hyper-real fights with the object of his affection’s exes who happen to have super powers.

We’ve reported previously that Edgar Wright would be hopping into the director’s seat for an adaptation titled Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with Michael Cera taking the lead role. Now, HitFix is reporting that Kieran Culkin will be taking the role of Wallace Wells – Scott’s aforementioned smart-ass roommate.

Wells is the polar opposite of Scott. He’s gay, responsible, has an actual job and shows incredible patience and compassion for Scott’s puny problems despite doing so in as smarmy a way possible. We haven’t seen Culkin in a role since Igby Goes Down, but wow, what a role that was.

This project is basically an Indie Kid’s dream, and Culkin’s casting only adds to that credit. Now if we can only get some soundtrack information to solidify the Indie Cred and a notice on how many video game references will be in the movie, we’ll be in business.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Kieran Culkin acting again? Have you read the comics? Good casting or bad casting? So many questions.

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