‘Kidnapped’ Trailer Is Very Sorry That It Disturbed The Neighbors

Updated: The original, poorly dubbed trailer has been replaced by a subtitled version that’s much, much, much better. Huzzah!

Original Post: First of all, the dubbing in this trailer is terrible. It’s laughably bad, as most dubbing is. Please ignore it.

For if you do, you’ll get a much better experience of a gripping, increasingly tense trailer. Miguel Angel Vivas’s Kidnapped takes a very familiar conceit and seeks to squeeze every ounce of fear out of it. A group of criminals takes a family hostage in their home and forces the credit cards out of their pockets. Unfortunately, crime doesn’t pay, because (unlike the morons in Funny Games) this family fights back.

Apparently, there will be blood.

Nice to see they hit the dude from Timecrimes with their car in the beginning there.

Would you go see it?

Source: Apple

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