Kevin Spacey and the Man of Steel: Deal or No Deal?

Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns

Son of Krypton fans have been speculating over when the sequel to Superman Returns would begin. A recently published interview with actor Kevin Spacey may have something to say about that.

Spacey spoke with The Independent about his work in the HBO drama Recount and also about his renewed love of the theater. The two time Oscar winning actor has been artistic director at the Old Vic since 2003 and seems to be a bit burnt out of film acting.

“The main difference between the experience that I’ve had over the last five and a half years and making movies is that movies are very unorganic to make. They’re put together and a year later you go and see them and you go “wow, that really worked out’; or ‘wow, that really didn’t’. Then they go off into cinemas and you don’t see how it affects people, experiencing it night after night. And also, in the movie business, no matter how good you might be in a movie, you” never be any better. What you learn in the organic living experiment of coming to work every night and tackling a role in a play with a company from previews to 16 weeks later is a journey.”

Amen. The Superman news came in from from Benji Wilson, who in response to Spacey’s quote said “That may not go down well with the producers of the follow-up to Superman Returns, who will be paying him big bucks to reprise his role as Lex Luthor next year.” Hmm, did Spacey tell our boy Benji something about the Man of Steel production? The film is set for a 2011 release so we could be waiting a while. Still, I love the fact that Kevin Spacey and Brandon Routh might return for Superman: Man of Steel. I am also a fan of director Bryan Singer, whose work I especially liked on Apt Pupil, will get a chance to continue the Superman story.

What do you think of the prospects of Superman: Man of Steel? Which villain should Superman fight next?

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