Kevin Hart Is Now Taking Career Cues from Jim Belushi (And That Might Not Be a Bad Idea)

By  · Published on June 28th, 2012

Recently, our own Nathan Adams bemoaned comedian-turned-actor Kevin Hart’s decision to sign on to Valet Guys, as a sidekick to Kevin James in a surely unfunny Kevin James vehicle. But while that was perhaps a bad idea on Hart’s part, we should not forget Hart’s other recent project pick-up: a buddy cop comedy with Seth Rogen that has a misleading and/or totally brilliant tagline. Paired with today’s announcement that Hart is taking cues from Jim Belushi, it seems as if the funny man is seriously interested in mixing up his comedic outings – and, as is so rare when it comes to talking about Jim Belushi’s career cues (Snow Buddies, really?), that’s probably a fantastic idea.

THR reports that Hart has joined the cast of Screen Gems’ remake of About Last Night. The 1986 film was directed by Edward Zwick and comes from no less than David Mamet’s play, Sexual Perversity in Chicago. The film centered on a pair of twentysomethings (Rob Lowe and Demi Moore) who have a one night stand and attempt to make an actual go of it (in the form of a real relationship). All sorts of things bog them down – especially their disapproving best pals (played originally by Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins) who have no bones about trying to break them up.

Hart is the first person to join the cast, but this is a solid starting point for the film (currently without a director and getting a script from Leslye Headland) to build its cast. Hart playing a second fiddle smart guy in a fast-talking film based on a Mamet play? Nice move.