Kevin Hart and Seth Rogen: The First Interracial Police Partners Ever?

There are few types of movie news stories that feel better to read than those reporting on an original spec script has been bought by one of the big studios, and that’s exactly the sort of story this is. Variety has word that comedy writer Rodney Rothman (Late Show With David Letterman, Undeclared) has sold a script to Paramount. Being ludicrously billed as the “first interracial police pairing in law enforcement history,” Rothman’s still untitled police comedy is notable not just because it’s an original work without any ties to a pre-existing property, but because it’s landed a couple of big names as its interracial police pairing.

Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart are on board to not only star in the picture, but they will both produce alongside Rothman as well. With Rogen being one of the few working actors that seems to be a proven box office draw and Kevin Hart’s stand-up career getting more and more monstrously successful by the second, this movie has to instantly be considered one of the big upcoming comedies in Hollywood.

And in addition to adding some big star power, Rogen and Hart are both actors that Rothman has worked with before, so this one has that going for it as well. Rothman has been a producer on a number of Judd Apatow-executive produced products, so he’s been working with Rogen for over a decade, going back to the short-lived sitcom Undeclared. And recently his paths crossed with Hart on the upcoming film The Five-Year Engagement.

Overall, this sounds like a winning combination. Now we just need to figure out what they’re driving at with that weird, first-black-and-white-cops-being-partners-ever angle. This movie better not disrespect Riggs and Murtaugh!