Kenneth Branagh Takes Meetings With Tall, Blond Men for 'Thor'

Kenneth Branagh needs a tall, strapping blond guy to play comic book hero Thor in Thor.  Okay, let me amend that. He needs a tall guy. The rest can be found in the gym and a bottle of bleach.

The word over at Latino Review is that he’s closing in on an actor who has it all plus an acting pedigree and experience in front of the camera. Are you still with me? Did anyone watch Generation Kill or True Blood? If you tuned into to those HBO series then you might know who I’m talking about as the supposed lead in Thor. You’ll have an idea, especially if you watch True Blood where this particular actor sported long flowing blond locks.

Still don’t know? It’s Alexander Skarsgård, actor son of Stellan. He’s been seen hanging out with Thor director Kenneth Branagh. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Branagh picked the 6’4″ tall Skarsgård. He’s done good work as an actor and certainly has the physical attributes for the role. But, will Skarsgård want to take on Thor’s winged helmet, muscled physique and cape? That’s the question. Will Branagh’s history as a serious actor and director lure the thirty three year old actor to join the halls of super hero movie fame?

Do you think Alexander Skarsgård is the right actor to play Thor? Or is there someone else you think would be a better Thunder God?