Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy Join Nolan’s ‘Inception’


Things are kicking into gear for Christopher Nolan‘s next movie, a sci-fi thriller called Inception. A few weeks back we reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was joining a cast that already included Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard. Today we find out that Ken Watanabe (Batman Begins) and Tom Hardy (RocknRolla, Bronson) have both joined the cast.

In this thriller that is “set in the architecture of the mind,” Watanabe will play the film’s villain, a man who is blackmailing the DiCaprio’s team (he plays a CEO). Tom Hardy will play a member of DiCaprio’s team. As you may know, Watanabe is good as a villain, as we’ve seen before. But special notice should be paid to Hardy, who has proven himself to be a tremendous young actor. When I saw him in Bronson at Sundance, I was blown away. He’s a very solid addition to the cast.

The film is headed for a shoot sometime this summer and a 2010 release date.

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