Katie Holmes Is 'Afraid Of The Dark'


Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is a made-for-TV movie from the early seventies, and is notable for being one of the only two terrifying TV movies ever made.  The other is The Dark Night of the Scarecrow… goddamn creepy scarecrows… Guillermo Del Toro has had his eyes on a remake of the former film for at least a year or so and now it looks to finally be heading into production.

Per Variety, Katie Holmes will star in the film for first-time director Troy Nixey with Del Toro serving as producer.  The script is written by Matthew Robbins who has a fairly odd and eclectic resume under his belt… Steven Spielberg’s The Sugarland Express, Dragonslayer, *batteries not included, and Del Toro’s own Mimic to name a few.  The film is scheduled to shoot this summer for release sometime in 2010.

The original starred Kim Darby and Jim Hutton as a young couple who move into a house unaware that it’s currently occupied… by a bunch of tiny, demonic creatures.  The wife becomes suspicious, the husband starts to think she’s nuts, and the movie ends on a ballsy but downer note.

Fure says he’d be afraid of Katie Holmes in the dark.  Why is he scared of beautiful women?  Is it because she’s tall?

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