Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift Are Set to Pretty Up the Cast of ‘The Giver’

It seems like director Phillip Noyce (Clear and Present Danger, Salt) is pretty close to filling out the ensemble cast for his upcoming YA adaptation The Giver. Though it was published in 1994, author Lois Lowry’s “The Giver” is one of those stories set in a future world that are aimed at young people and happen to be all the rage these days. Its world is one that’s free of poverty, disease, and most every kind of hardship, but it has a secret about how it got that way–a terrible secret–and always one person, called the Receiver of Memories, is chosen to hold what that secret is.

Already Noyce has young Brenton Thwaites signed up to play the protagonist, Jonas, who is the new kid chosen to hold the memory, Jeff Bridges as the title character, who acts as the boy’s mentor, Meryl Streep as the villain of the piece, who also happens to be the leader of the society and the one who gives the children their roles, and Alexander Skarsgard as Jonas’ impossibly attractive father, and now there are new reports that he’s just signed a duo of actresses who are going to pretty up his ensemble even further.

THR reports that Katie Holmes has agreed to join the film in the role of the Jonas character’s mother, who is said to be a fairly brainwashed member of this society who believes that all rules handed down should be followed, no matter how questionable or screwy they may seem. Given the fact that she’s a mother in real life and has some experience with creepy, insular societies herself, this is a role that should be perfect for her.

The other new face in the cast is pop singer Taylor Swift, who EW is reporting has joined the film in the role of a teenage girl named Rosemary. Rosemary was the kid who was given the dark memories before Jonas came along, but who ultimately proved unable to bear the burden. This is perhaps appropriate casting, because doesn’t Swift have the reputation of not being able to bear the emotional burden of being in relationships or something? I’m not certain. We here at FSR try to keep our noses out of the tabloids. Swear.

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