EXCL: Spielberg Confirmed for Tintin Next, Lincoln Shortly After

When you talk about powerful women in Hollywood, you should be talking about Kathleen Kennedy.  She’s got 5 Oscar Nominations behind her and regularly holds court with the likes of Steven Spielberg.  Recently at a press junket for her next shot at Oscar gold, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, she took some time to answer questions about other projects, notably ones involving the ‘Berg himself.

First up, the Beard will be shooting Tintin in February using state of the art motion capture technology, working on the first installment of the three film deal.  Peter Jackson will helm the second story, selected from the long and entertaining history of the character.  Either Spielberg or Jackson will helm the third at some point down the long road of development.

Immediately after Tintin, sometime in Spring, Spielberg will finally begin his vision of Abraham Lincoln on celluloid, starring Liam Neeson, who has been confirmed by Kennedy.  No word on who will be playing Mary Todd Lincoln, though Sally Field’s name has been mentioned in the past.

While waiting for more movie magic from Spielberg, you can study The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in theaters on December 25th.

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