Katherine Heigl Goes Immortal, Still Has Guy Problems

What is it about Katherine Heigl that makes her want to play characters who are having trouble finding the right man? She can never find a guy that fits her liking. Is this an inverse projection of her true self? Is she making some sort of career-level commentary about the quality of men in this generation? If so, she (or her agent) is smarter than she lets on.

This time around, Heigl will be starring in the “epic love story” The Age of Adaline for Lakeshore Entertainment. The film starts at the beginning of the 20th Century, where a young woman is caught in an accident that renders her immortal. She spends years and years in solitary life, only to find much later that there’s a mortal man out there who “might be worth taking a chance on.”

This is all well and good, but I find it hard to believe that Katherine Heigl will be able to play a character whose life begins in the early 20th Century. We’re yet to see acting range from her that suggests such a character would have any qualities of the time. She will probably end up feeling like a character from contemporary life thrust back into that period. And that just won’t do.

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