Kate Beckinsale Has a New Found Respect for Journalists

In a recent interview with MTV, Kate Beckinsale stated that she has a new found respect for journalists due to her upcoming role in Nothing But The Truth, where she portrays a journalist who is sentenced for not revealing her source after exposing a CIA operative.

According to Beckinsale, she is not playing Judith Miller, (who exposed Valerie Plame as a CIA operative in 2003, and was subsequently imprisoned for refusing to reveal her source) but her character is bit like Judith Miller. So, basically, she’s playing Judith Miller.

The upcoming political drama is written and directed by Rod Lurie. He is a former journalist who is known for his political-centric stories. Nothing But the Truth, due out next year, will have Alan Alda, David Schwimmer, and Edie Falco alongside the British leading lady.

Of course, there is something a bit frustrating about this film. If the purpose of the story is to portray Judith Miller (and lets be honest, this is about Judith Miller) as the victim, I will be very disappointed and just downright infuriated. She should in no way be commended for her actions. Miller did nothing more than irresponsibly expose Valerie Plame as a CIA operative in a petty retaliation against Plame’s husband’s report that the Bush Administration possibly misled the country into going to war with Iraq.

But, maybe I’m just getting irritated over this for no reason. Rod Lurie might portray the story in a completely opposite way. Although, when was the last time a biopic about a journalist featured the main character in a bad light?

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