Karyn Kusama Wants to Explore Rachel Weisz’s Body

By  · Published on September 14th, 2009

The first time I ever saw Rachel Weisz in a movie, I hated her. That’s because the first movie I saw with her starring was The Shape of Things, and she is amazingly brutal in it. She was so good at her role, that I could actually feel myself hating her, struggling to separate her from the person on the screen. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that she’s one of the best actors around today, and so I’m pretty psyched whenever I see that she’s working on something new. Especially when the words “horror” and “Cronenberg” get thrown out.

Before I get you too confused, io9 was fortunate enough to sit down with Jennifer’s Body director Karyn Kusama who is busy developing a new project that she claims is in the vein (or at least inspired by) Cronenberg’s cinematic toying with the human body.

The money quote from her here:

There’s a screenplay I wrote a while a go with a partner that has a sort of element of horror, although I would call it a psychological horror in the David Cronenberg tradition, that I’m trying to get made. . . It definitely does fall into sort of a body horror movie that deals very, very specifically with our concept of gender. I can’t really talk to you specifically about it other than to say that Rachel Weisz is attached to the film.

Who better to be attached to something like that? Weisz is downright ballsy when it comes to her roles, and it sounds like this has the potential to require brass buttons to take on.

I realize that Kusama has a bit of a mixed record between Girl Fight and Aeon Flux, but my ears tend to perk up whenever Cronenberg’s name is evoked. Plus, Kusama has said in the past that she won’t work again where she doesn’t have final cut which makes a huge difference.

Now I’m getting my hopes up, and if Weisz doesn’t grow a chest vagina in it, I’ll probably be disappointed. You hear that, Miss Kusama? The people demand chest vaginas.

What do you think? Time to go watch Videodrome again? I think so, too.

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