‘Jurassic Park 3D’ Trailer Just Might Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Unless you were living under a rock during the ’90s, the new trailer for Jurassic Park 3D probably seems pretty familiar to you. It’s basically just a trailer for Steven Spielberg’s ubiquitous 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park, with some stuff about the film being re-released in 3D tacked on at the end. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to watch it. Chances are it’s been quite a while since you’ve last watched Jurassic Park, and chances are you’ve forgotten how much a movie like this lends itself to making great trailers.

The sense of grandeur, the big reveals, the breakthrough special effects, Jeff Goldblum draped across various things all shirtless and sexy, the ripple in the glass of water, Samuel L. Jackson saying “Hold on to your butts,” it’s all here. But, what strikes you about watching this trailer more than anything else, is the music. The second the first few notes of John Williams’ iconic score for this dinosaurs run amok adventure start playing, you find yourself instantly transported back to being however old you were when you first saw this movie. And by the time the song gets to the soaring crescendo, well, it’s done its job of convincing you that you’re going to want to shell out some money to experience this classic up on the big screen one more time pretty effectively.

The film gets its big re-release on April 5, 2013, so you’ve got time to make some plans, but it might be smart to figure out your best option for seeing this thing on the biggest screen possible now. I saw this trailer on an IMAX screen before Skyfall last night and by the time it was over the sheer scope of the whole thing had everyone in the theater audibly murmuring. Looks like it’s going to be a good time to be a dinosaur nerd once again.

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