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Junkfood Cinema Podcast: After the Fall of New York

By  · Published on February 11th, 2016

Well we did it, we finally did it. We blew it up! The apocalypse has come (back) to Junkfood Cinema!

Cargill and I entered into the sweet embrace of chaos as we sat down to watch a VHS copy of one of our guiltiest of guilty pleasure flicks, a movie so crazy that it hypnotized us into loving it. The movie that may well have been the launching pad for JFC itself: the plagiaristic After the Fall of New York!

It should be noted that this is a longer episode than usual. The reason for our amplified loquaciousness can be attributed to either the shared enthusiasm we have for this flick and how it relates to our friendship…or maaaaybe the booze we consumed as if the world were ending the next day.

Enjoy the mayhem!

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