Junket Report: Funny People

By  · Published on July 31st, 2009

Dr. Cole Abauis makes a compelling argument about Funny People over in his review, and when I saw the film a couple of weeks ago, I felt exactly the same way. I mean, this movie is an Apatow film, and it stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana, a slew of other funny people (including a few moments of Ray Romano that are funny than all of Everybody Loves Raymond) … but it just doesn’t stay with you like Anchorman or 40 Year Old Virgin.

Is it the sign of a more mature film when you’re not quoting lines from the movie, mere minutes after having seen it? I hope not. The only person that really stuck with me from that movie was Aziz Ansari as Randy, who is barely in the movie. In fact, if you want a ton of Randy comedy, check out the elaborate website they made for his character. It’s got a lot more material on it than Ansari has in the film.

But, I digress. I’m not here to tell you review the film all over, I’m here to tell you about the junket. Funny People does deliver on its title, as their are actually funny people in the movie. The junket delivered as well, and we got to sit down and talk with the main players in the movie. So read on after the break for our interviews with the funny people of Funny People. Even Eric Bana. Did you know he used to be a stand-up comedian in Australia? Well, now you do. Read on.

Funny People is in theaters today.

Adam Sandler (George Simmons)

Judd Apatow (Director/Writer/Producer)

Seth Rogen (Ira Wright)

Jonah Hill (Leo)

Leslie Mann (Laura)

Eric Bana (Clarke)

Aziz Ansari (Randy)

Aubrey Plaza (Daisy)

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