June Squibb Is Not Interested in Your Guilt Vote, Academy

June Squibb

In the run up to Oscar night, plenty of marketing goes into the winning of awards. Studios take out full-page ads in trade magazines targeting Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voters. Harvey Weinstein has made a career out of marketing his way to Oscar gold. It’s the least-savory part of the entire Oscar business, a multi-million dollar enterprise that allows for the coordinated fixing of an otherwise prestigious event meant to honor the great yearly achievements in cinema. They want your votes, Academy members, and they are willing to buy them if necessary.

Unless “they” is 84-year old first-time nominee June Squibb, whose work in Nebraska earned her a nod for Best Supporting Actress. As she showed on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, she doesn’t want your pity votes.

Watch June Squibb’s Meet the Nominees video below:

For those of you who are not Academy voters, you should check out Nebraska. It’s quite good.

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