Julie Delpy Has ‘The Right Profile’ to Direct Joe Strummer Biopic

Though she’s primarily known as an actress, Julie Delpy also has a bit of directing experience under her belt. Probably the best known film she’s stepped behind the camera on is 2007’s 2 Days in Paris, a romance where she herself starred opposite Adam Goldberg. Delpy has a sequel to that film in the pipeline, 2 Days in New York, where she will this time be having relationship troubles opposite Chris Rock. Yet before that film even gets a release, Delpy has already lined up her next project. Factor in recent reports that she’s been helping Richard Linklater with a new Before Sunrise sequel, and she seems to be becoming quite the prolific filmmaker.

The new project that she’s got going is a proposed biopic of Clash frontman Joe Strummer. At one point in time, The Clash was about the biggest punk band in the world, but then Strummer suddenly stepped back from the spotlight in the early 80s and went into some minor seclusion. He remained fairly anonymous until his death in 2002, which came just a month before The Clash was going to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That’s pretty ironic, if you’re like Alanis Morissette and don’t know what irony means.

The title of the film, The Right Profile, comes from a track off of The Clash’s 1979 album “London Calling,” which if you hang around a record shop long enough, will eventually get recommended to you by someone working there.

There isn’t really word on what led to Delpy getting put on this project, if she happens to be a fan of punk music or if she just finds Strummer’s story interesting, but now I can’t help but picture her hanging out on set wearing a badass leather motorcycle jacket. If you’re making a Joe Strummer biopic you just got to, ya know? [Variety]

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