Julie Benz to Sex Up Saw V

You have to love the Saw movies, if not for their ridiculously ambiguous nature. In a release from Lionsgate announcing that “Dexter” and Rambo hottie Julie Benz will star in the upcoming fifth installment, her character was described only as “an elegant woman”. It may seem to be absurd at this point that Lionsgate would be driving toward another round with Jigsaw and crew, but the previous 4 Saw films have grossed a combined $550 million worldwide. If you were producing such a surefire moneymaker, you wouldn’t stop either.

And Saw fans can rejoice with the addition of Benz, as she will seriously upgrade the sexiness factor for the fifth movie. Nothing against Betsy Russell, Dina Meyer or Shawnee Smith, but Saw hasn’t seen a hottie of this magnitude since Monica Potter played a small role in #1.

As for the Saw V, it will hit theaters on October 24th, just like clockwork. David Hackl, who served as production designer on the last 3 films, has taken over the directorial duties.

Sound Off: Are you still in for more Saw movies, or is it time for them to stop?

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