Julie and Julia: Sorting Out the Ladies of ‘Dexter’ Season 5

Like some of you, I am yet to get all the way through Dexter season four. I do know this – some shocking stuff happens, most of which has something to do with Dexter’s loving wife Rita (Julie Benz). Sadly, my post as news watcher has already spoiled that surprise. Though as EW’s Michael Ausiello reported yesterday, it looks like the character of Rita will be returning to Dexter in season five, despite the events of season four. Consider me confused, at least until I finish watching season four.

Moving on – Ausiello is also reporting that Julia Stiles has signed on to joint the cast for the upcoming fifth season. The role is currently being kept secret, but it’s said – by new showrunner Chip Johannessen – to be a major character. She will be part of a network of evils that Dexter (Michael C. Hall) will have to face, along with the grief over the loss of people close to him.

Unlike season four, the fifth frame for the popular show will not see a lone adversary. “We’re not going to have a single Big Bad this season,” revealed Johannessen. “We don’t want to try and top John Lithgow, so we’re going to change up the forces that Dexter’s going to be dealing with.”

As Ausiello predicts, Stiles could very well play a relative of Rita’s – a cousin, long lost sister, etc. Either way, she’s sure to be an interesting and potentially dynamic addition to a season that will once again put Dexter in all sorts of turmoil.

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