Julia Ormond in Talks to Play Superman’s Other Hot Mom

At this point it’s starting to become a certainty that Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman movie Man of Steel is going to be mostly about a young Superman developing an Oedipal complex. First came the news that super sultry Diane Lane was on board to play Superman’s kindly, old earthbound mom Martha Kent. And now it appears that super sexy British actress Julia Ormond is close to signing on as his spacemom Lara. That’s a lot of MILF for one superhero movie. I’m jealous of Superman’s dads, who happen to be Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe.

So let’s do the rundown here. First the young Kal-el is sent away from the exploding planet Krypton in a cross between a baby carriage and a rocket ship by his parents Jor-el (Crowe) and Lara (Ormond), then he crash lands in a Kansas field and is adopted by the salt of the Earth couple who find him Jonathan (Costner) and Martha (Lane) Kent. There is yet to be any word on who is going to play Superman’s wacky, free-wheeling uncle; but I’m sure whenever that role is cast it will be a gigantic Hollywood star playing it as well. Wait, Superman does have a wacky uncle, right?

Source: Deadline Kandor

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