Judy Garland Biopic Gets ‘Happy’ at The Weinstein Co.


When people think of Judy Garland, they usually have one of two images. Either they see her as a bright eyed child, fresh, innocent and full of hope in The Wizard of Oz, or they see her at the end of her life, ravaged by addition to booze and pills and with her life in tatters. Judy’s story was filled with some pretty stellar highs and seemingly bottomless lows, and it seems that someone out there has seen the potential for another on-screen take on her life story.

According to Variety, The Weinstein Co. has just optioned one of her better biographies, “Get Happy – The Life of Judy Garland” by Gerald Clarke. The book is a pretty detailed look at the singer and actress’ life and loves, chronicling her early years up to her dying day in 1969. Diet pills, uppers, downers, drink, gay husbands,Ms. Garland’s life held a lot of tragedy and the book doesn’t pull its punches.

So, with Weinstein now owning the option, who would you like to see play the girl in the gingham pinafore, and do you think they should sing? Or would you rather Judy’s voice reign through dubbing? While Walk The Line did a fantastic job with the actors taking the singing burden, What’s Love Got To Do With It? was a great example of how well dubbing can work, so perhaps it’s best to let the lady sing for herself.

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