Judd Apatow Named Comedy Person of the Year

Judd ApatowAccording to Yahoo! news, Judd Apatow, who has become a juggernaut of comedies in the last three years with films like Knocked Up, The 40-Year Old Virgin and Superbad will be honored as Comedy Person of the Year at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, July 10-20.

This is really great news for a guy who is almost singlehandedly reenergizing comedies just when we thought there was little to no hope for them. I mean seriously, when you think about modern comedy, Apatow has to be one of the first names to come to mind.

Apatow’s newest comedy, of which he served as producer, is Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which is already garnering a lot of positive buzz. In fact, I just got through watching Richard Roeper declare his undying love for the film, calling it one of his 50 favorite comedies of all time. Forgetting Sarah Marshall hits theaters on April 18.