Jonathan Demme Jumps on the Stephen King Bandwagon for ‘11/22/63’

Stephen King has been a pop culture icon for several decades now, but it’s starting to look like in 2011 he’s heating up hotter than ever. Even though the world of Stephen King film adaptations took a bit of a hit when Ron Howard’s proposed Dark Tower movies got nixed, just recently it was announced that the Harry Potter super-team of David Yates and Steve Kloves are going to be doing a series of films adapting King’s post apocalyptic tale The Stand. And now comes the news that The Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme is making a deal to adapt a King novel that hasn’t even been published yet.

The novel is called “11/22/63”, and it’s about an English teacher named Jack Epping who finds a portal that allows him to travel back in time. Personally, I would use such a portal to try and pick up chicks, but the character of Epping instead attempts to prevent the assassination of JFK. The film hasn’t found any distribution yet, but given Demme’s track record when it comes to adapting novels into award winning, money making movies, it probably won’t be long now before a studio signs up to put this thing in theaters. Usually when we report on these possible King projects, we’re talking about material that people have loved for years, so there are questions as to how a filmmaker will handle the story. This time none of us have any idea how we feel about the book or what kind of movie it might make, so it becomes pretty hard to preemptively complain. That’s not doing me a lot of favors, as my job is preemptively complaining. Thanks a lot, Demme!

Source: Deadline Amity

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