Jonah Hex Photo Debunked, Sort of -- Thomas Jane Sets The Record Straight

You may have heard by now that the photo we posted of Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex is fake. Only problem is that that's not entirely true.

Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex

You may remember — mostly because it happened only two days ago — the possible test photo of Thomas Jane as gunslinger Jonah Hex that we posted exclusively in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday. As the time, we were going on a hot scoop from a reliable source, despite the fact that the source could not confirm whether or not the photo was actually tied to the production of Jonah Hex, which is currently in the hands of Crank creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

Late that afternoon, a post over at Shock confirmed for us that the photo is, in fact, not connected at all to the production. They got word from Mark Neveldine that he has no idea where the photo came from and that it indeed did not originate from their production.

This morning, we got very similar news from the man himself, Thomas Jane. As promised in the previous article, we had been trying to get in touch with him in order to see what the deal was with the photo so that we could ensure that we were bringing you the facts. Jane was nice enough to drop us a line a little while ago (yes, The Punisher knows where to find us) and set the record straight:

Yeah, the pic is real all right – my pal Akiva Goldsman told me about the project and I fell in love with the idea right away. Being a huge fan of all things Hex – I just couldn’t help myself. I called up my buddy Chris Nelson and we spent a Saturday afternoon working up some make-up for this impromptu shoot and I fired a few pics off to Warners. How do people get a hold of this shit? It’s a little embarrassing seeing my fanboy enthusiasm spilled all over the web, but great scripts don’t come around too often, especially for characters I love.

So as you can see, the photo is legitimately Thomas Jane in the role of Jonah Hex, it is just not attached to the Warner Bros. production. However, as you can see from his statement above, it is clear that Jane is a fan of the character and would be very interested to take on the role. So hopefully that clears things up for everyone — photo is real, just not attached to the production.

As for said production, no more details have emerged, as writer/director team Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are currently in post production on Crank 2. We can expect though, that some news may pop up in the near future, possibly at Comic Con in San Diego next month. We will keep you posted, for sure.

Would you like to see Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex, knowing what you know now?


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