Taylor and Neveldine Are Off ‘Jonah Hex’ Project

There has already been a host of rumors and statements made about the upcoming film, Jonah Hex. There have been talks about casting since we posted a picture of Thomas Jane in full makeup. Rumor now has it that Josh Brolin is going to be the supernatural cowboy. None if this is hot news however. The news today is that screenwriters Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine are no longer directing the film.

Taylor and Neveldine made their fame as the duo that pumped out both Crank and Pathology. They also penned the script for Jonah Hex, which I have heard is dynamite. The bad news though, is that it would seem that the studio and its ex-directors are parting ways due to “creative differences.” I heard a dirty little rumor about this possibly happening back when we had the non-studio photo of Thomas Jane up on the site. This could be a bad or a good thing at this point, though, as these guys can certainly direct an action film. The flipside is that they’ve never been in charge film with a budget that would come with an Akiva Goldsman picture.

I personally would still like to see Thomas Jane in the role, but it seems like everything could be up in the air at this point. However, our source is claiming that the studio still wants Brolin in the picture and aims to start shooting in the spring. We’ll see if they keep it on track.

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