Jon Bernthal Continues to Play Jerks, Will Now Ruin Some Lives in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

By  · Published on June 19th, 2012

While my interest in The Walking Dead dropped off about halfway into the AMC’s television series’ first season, I’ve remained abreast of many of the machinations of the Frank Darabont-concieved zombie drama, including the fate of one of its most asshole-y and ultimately most interesting characters – Jon Bernthal’s Shane Black. Spoiler alert – Shane’s not around so much, but it looks like Bernthal will continue to wreck total goddamn havoc on people and their emotions in his next role.

Deadline Queens reports that the actor is set to co-star in Martin Scorsese’s currently-casting The Wolf of Wall Street. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as real-life New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who saw his life crumble after bad business and personal decisions (only to write a book about it). And nothing says “bad decisions!” quite like drugs, so Bernthal’s role is a pretty essential one – he will play a drug dealer and a money launderer in the film. Wait, drugs and money laundering? Yup, looks like Belfort’s life must have really imploded and Bernthal’s character most likely plays a huge part in that.

The film will also star Jonah Hill, Jean Dujardin, and Kyle Chandler, and Cristin Milioti, and will reportedly start filming in August.

Bernthal just finished up another feature – Ric Roman Waugh’s Snitch – and is currently filming his lead role in Darabont’s new series, L.A. Noir.

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