Join Us to Gorge on Junkfood Cinema Live at CONvergence!

By  · Published on July 3rd, 2014

Much like the KFC Double Down, Junkfood Cinema could not fit into one container. You’ve tried to avoid us, you’ve done extra laps around the track at the gym in fear that even hearing the name of our cult/exploitation film cast would give you diabetes. But now, we’ve taken JFC on the road to ensure maximum cerebral caloric intake.

Cargill and I will be appearing at CONvergence in Minneapolis, where we will be hosting a live recording session of Junkfood Cinema…like, with an audience and everything.

We’ll be broadcasting live from the CON at 3:30pm CST this Friday, July 4th. When the time comes, you can tune in via the UStream embed below.

If you can’t tune in at that hour on that day, the audio will be cached and posted as next week’s show.

Quick spoiler alert, despite the date, we will not be discussing Independence Day. But we can assure you that our actual subject is fantastic. You could even call it legendary. Yes, that’s a hint.

Join us as we try not to infect the population of the Twin Cities with our lack of taste. Actually, who are we kidding? We absolutely want to be patient zero in that infection. CONvergence or bust! See you there.

Longtime FSR columnist, current host of FSR’s Junkfood Cinema podcast. President of the Austin Film Critics Association.