John Stamos, Sexy Dentist, Next Time on ‘Glee’

John Stamos

This is two articles in a row in which I’ve had no choice but to write the word ‘sexy’ in the title. Tuesday is a good day. First it was the lovely Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski joining a movie that will certainly let the bullets fly. And now it’s John Stamos, who will appear as a secret friend to Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mayes) on Glee. Because who doesn’t have a thing for John Stamos?

According to EW, Stamos is in negotiations to play a sexy dentist whose existence will be revealed on tonight’s season finale. Apparently adorable germaphobe Emma Pillsbury has been spending a lot of time getting her teeth cleaned, if you know what I mean. (Of course I mean that she’s actually getting her teeth cleaned – this is Emma we’re talking about here). Stamos is said to be joining the cast for an undetermined amount of episodes in season two.

You can’t go wrong with Stamos, friends. And we know that he can sing. Just watch this clip from his time on Full House:

Uncle Jessie was a crooner.

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