John Moore boards ‘Capricorn One’

Capricorn One

John Moore (Max Payne) has been tapped to direct the remake of the 1978 conspiracy thriller written by Peter Buchman. The story follows a group of astronauts who are brought into the middle of a government conspiracy after a failed Mars launch. The original starred Elliot Gould as a reporter investigating suspicious broadcasts surrounding the event. When the life support system of the Mars shuttle proved to be faulty, NASA launched it empty, tucking the astronauts away to fake the Mars landing on a sound stage. The film was initially made in response to the idea that the moon landing had been faked. (Which it was, of course)

No further news on the remake at this time in regards to who will star or how it will be updated. James Brolin was featured as Colonel Charles Brubaker, one of the astronauts, so may I suggest Josh Brolin for the lead? I think I will! The original also had a younger Sam Waterston, who should come back as another character too! And the Commander of the mission, OJ Simpson, he should co- on second thought, maybe we should not cameo all of the original cast.

This project sounds pretty cool to me, so come back for more news as it breaks.

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