John Malkovich is Just Waiting on His Spider-Man 4 Script

by David Baxter

Someone over at Collider must be good with their Italian to catch this Spider-Man 4 related nugget. John Malkovich was a guest on Italian football (i.e real football) show ‘Quelli Che il Calcio’ and decided this was the place to reveal that he was interested in playing The Vulture, but that he wanted to see a script first and that he hoped they’d pull the finger out and get going with it.

I’m not sure of the track record on Italian football shows breaking movie news, and I speak no Italian past ‘leave the cannoli,’ but I can safely say that John Malkovich is a maverick who plays by his own rules and if he wants to tell the world via an Italian football program, then that’s damn sure what John Malkovich will do. Entertainment Tonight may be fine for your Brad Pitt’s and George Clooney’s, but Malkovich takes the rule book and throws it all the way to little Italy and for that I thank him, as scouring Italian news to check the veracity of this was darned insightful.

As far as the news though, it backs up what’s previously kicked around villain-wise but in my opinion old people aren’t what I thought was missing from Spider-Man 3. If anything, old people did their best to screw that movie to the wall (I’m looking at you Aunt May) so what I hoped was for some hip, cool electric dudes or young and sprightly serial killers covered in alien symbiote. But you get what you’re given and surely Sam Raimi will know to avoid dance sequences and moping this time out. This said, the resolute fact is that John Malkovich is a maverick who can bastardize any language, chew up any scenery and still come out smelling of roses, so flying green men shouldn’t be an issue. With release times still up in the air we’ll find out sometime between now and the future.

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