‘John Dies at the End’ Trailer Prepares to Fight Evil With Axes, Flame Throwers, and Neutron Bombs

John Dies at the End

If you watch the new trailer for co-writer/director Don Coscarelli’s (Bubba Ho-Tep) latest film, John Dies at the End, you’ll probably be left with some questions. Why are those pills that can grow wings called “soy sauce?” Can taking them really make you jump to different dimensions? Is the main character talking into a Polish sausage like it’s a cell phone? Don’t let all of these questions left hanging in the air worry you – a lot of them don’t even get answered after you watch this crazy film in its entirety – just focus in on the fact that Coscarelli has taken David Wong’s crazy novel of the same name and made a crazy movie out of it, and the results are crazy hilarious.

Whether you’re into horror movie stuff like axed up bodies coming back to life and frozen meats fusing together to create some sort of meat demon, or amazing feats of acting talent like Paul Giamatti delivering the must guttural scared reaction ever put on film and Clancy Brown attempting to pull off a Eurotrash accent, chances are there’s going to be something for you to look forward to in this time-bending, universe-spanning horror adventure.

Check out the trailer now and get a taste of all the ridiculous fun that this movie has in store. Then get ready to be confused by its glorious weirdness, as it’s set to hit VOD on December 27 and select theaters on January 25. It be openin’ doors to other worlds, mon. Try and keep up.

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