John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell Making ‘Step Brothers’ Rap Album, Possibly a Sequel

Talk turned to the modern cult comedy favorite Step Brothers when John C. Reilly recently spoke to MTV cameras over in Cannes. In the interview Reilly confirms that there is indeed work being done on a rap album written and performed by he and Ferrell’s fictional characters Brennan Huff and Dale Doback. Reilly says, “We have not recorded the album yet, but we’ve begun to write it … Hopefully we’re going to come [back to Cannes] and premiere the record on a boat, on a yacht.” While the idea of French people having to bear witness to Reilly and Ferrell performing “Boats and Hoes” live is pretty dang hysterical, I don’t know if we really need an entire album of ironic rap songs released outside of the context of any film work. Will anybody really take the time to listen to this? And has anybody asked Weird Al for his approval?

What I’m more interested in is the possibility for a sequel to Step Brothers, and Reilly indicates that this might be exactly where the rap album will lead. “That was the idea for the album,” he said. “Let’s get the band back together. We’ll do this record, and that’ll be a way to start talking about the movie again.” He wouldn’t want to do a sequel just for the sake of cashing in again, though. It would have to be for the right reasons. Reilly explains, “That movie is so beloved by us and also people young and old, honestly. There’s such a strong connection to that ridiculous movie. We want to really make sure it’s the rocket sauce on the second time out. We’ve come up with some pretty good ideas, so we’ll see.” I don’t think he has anything to worry about. Just getting his goofy ass in a room with Will Ferrell and having them do whatever ridiculous nonsense that pops into their demented heads at the moment will probably be plenty to appease their fans. These two on screen together hasn’t really let me down yet. I do appreciate his use of the term rocket sauce however.

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