Joel Silver Talks About ‘Speed’ Sequel and ‘Ninja Assassin’

Frosty over at Collider, who got a chance to see Speed Racer in advance and loved it, got a little one-on-one action with producer Joel Silver, who discussed some of the upcoming projects he’ll be involved with. It appears that Silver and the Wachowski Brothers are confident about Speed Racer, as they have already come up with an idea for a sequel.

Also he talked about a film called Ninja Assassain, which is written by the Wachowski’s and will be helmed by James McTeigue (V For Vendetta). Silver also said that the Wachowski’s have plans for a sequel to that film as well.

“Look, they have a great story idea for a sequel to this movie (Speed Racer), we have a great idea for a sequel if it makes sense to make it,” said Silver. “They have a great idea for a sequel to Ninja if they want to make it. We’re having a good time. I love working with them and it’s a great joy to have them in my life. They’re smart and funny and they love the kind of movies that I love and they know how to make them like no one else. I look at this movie and can’t believe we created it. I can’t believe it exists.”

Speed Racer hits theaters on May 9th and Ninja Assassain, according to Silver, should begin shooting at around that time.

For the full Q&A, head over to Collider.

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