Joel Edgerton Negotiating to Get Biblical on Christian Bale in ‘Exodus’

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The first time we heard that Ridley Scott was thinking about putting together a Moses tale, word was that the project he was eyeballing was called Exodus, Fox was pressuring him to put it on the fast track, and he and the studio were trying their damnedest to get Christian Bale to attach himself as the film’s lead.

Well, some exciting developments have gone down since then. Not only has Bale definitely agreed to come on board and grow a hipster beard to play Moses, but the film is also definitely set to go in front of cameras soon – likely as soon as September even. And now, in yet another bit of promising news, THR is reporting that rising star Joel Edgerton is negotiating to star opposite Bale.

According to the report, the Great Gatsby actor would be joining the film in the role of Egyptian Pharaoh and hater of firstborn Hebrew sons, Ramses (or at least that’s what we’re calling him here, as far as I can tell there’s some contention among historians and biblical scholars concerning who the Pharaoh during this story really was).

Of course, this was the role that Yul Brynner played in the iconic Cecile B. DeMille-directed take on Moses’ life story, The Ten Commandments, so one has to wonder if joining the film is going to hinge on Edgerton’s willingness to take a Bic to his head and rock the classic Brynner cue ball look. If so, things could get pretty interesting. What shape do you think his head is under there?

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