Joe Pesci and Lindsay Lohan Join John Travolta for ‘Gotti: Three Generations’

A press conference was held today that seems to have been a big love fest between the Gotti family and Hollywood. The concrete news on the table is that Joe Pesci is going to be joining John Travolta in the upcoming Nick Cassavetes mobography Gotti: Three Generations playing the role of Angelo Ruggiero. The not yet concrete news is that they are in negotiations with Lindsay Lohan to play John Gotti Sr.’s daughter, Victoria Gotti. Things seem to be pretty far along on that front though, as Lohan attended the press conference. The film is being described as an “open door insider’s look” into the Gotti family history that was written by Leo Rossi after numerous interviews with members of the Gotti family and John Gotti Sr.’s attorneys.

John Travolta, who is playing the Gambino crime family boss himelf in the film, calls this “the most interesting untold story in this country.” He goes on to talk about the “beautiful love” that he has gotten from the Gotti family and the fact that he is a fan of Growing up Gotti as to why he was interested in taking this role. A large part of the film seems to concern itself with fathers and sons, and how Gotti Sr. took the family into a life of crime, but how Gotti Jr. has steered it away from nasty enterprises like drug dealing and murders and toward more classy ventures like reality television. Cassavetes says of Gotti Sr., “He didn’t know any better. The family didn’t know any better. That’s the only life they had.” And Gotti Jr. responded when asked how this film might affect his father’s victims by saying, “Everybody is a victim [in this film].” Truer words have never been spoken. But, you know, all of those people who got killed because of his father’s illegal activities are probably slightly more the victims. Just maybe. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a shower.

Sources: THR, Coming Soon

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