Joaquin Phoenix Gets Pooped On For His Mockumentary

By  · Published on May 10th, 2010

Prepare your puns and hilarious movie review titles. According to an almost-tucked-away sentence in the recent LA Times piece about the sale of Casey Affleck’s new movie I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, feces is going to play a minor role in the film and on Phoenix.

The money quote here:

Several buyers said the film overflowed with Hollywood debauchery, including more male frontal nudity than you’d find in some gay porn films and a stomach-turning sequence in which someone feuding with Phoenix defecates on the actor while he’s asleep.

I imagine the actor felt the need to top both Sacha Baron Cohen and Sasha Grey at the same time.

Oddly enough, the prospect of someone squatting over the actor while he’s asleep finally gives Phoenix a chance to rise from the asses.

People are undoubtedly going to draw comparisons to Andy Kaufman and to Borat, but I personally demand that someone purchase this film and show it to the public. Even if it’s an exercise in egomaniacal excess, any film that dares to use poop humor as deftly as Sex and the City or Salo must be given a chance to leave its mark.

After all, what do they want for it? Twenty? Thirty bucks?

Of course I’m kidding. Getting Zach Galifiniakis to play Phoenix probably wasn’t cheap after the success of The Hangover.

Feel free to play along at home.

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