Joan Allen and Albert Finney Negotiating to Rejoin the ‘Bourne’ Franchise

Seeing as it wasn’t able to bring back series star Matt Damon, the fourth film in the Bourne series is going to have to work hard to get people to accept its existence and not picket theaters. I mean, people can get pretty emotional about their Matt Damon. When it was announced that he wouldn’t be returning, the prevailing sentiment was that a fourth movie wouldn’t make sense, and that making one would be a cynical way to grub money from an unsuspecting public by exploiting the series’ name.

But the producers have done everything they can to make The Bourne Legacy look like it fits in with its older brothers. First, they signed Tony Gilroy to write and direct. Seeing as he wrote the first three Bourne films as well, that should lend a nice bit of continuity to a fourth. Then they went and signed Jeremy Renner to star as the new lead character, who will decidedly not be Jason Bourne. That’s gotta take a lot of the sting out of the Damon departure. Renner is a fast rising star and pretty much the new Matt Damon anyways. Now a third step has been taken to legitimize the project, Variety is reporting that Gilroy is bringing some of the characters from the first films back, firmly setting this story in that same world.

To that end, he is in negotiations with Joan Allen and Albert Finney to reprise their roles as Pamela Landy, a CIA operative who was originally trying to hunt Jason Bourne down, but eventually became something of an ally, and Dr. Albert Hirsch, one of the men revealed as being responsible for turning Bourne into an amnesia-having assassin. Maybe this time we’ll switch things up and Allen will be turning Renner into an assassin while Finney feeds him helpful information. Wouldn’t that be a head trip?

So, what do you say Bourne fans? Are you going to give the new guy a chance, or is this a “Give Me Damon or Give Me Death” situation? Or is it perhaps the whole no Paul Greengrass thing that sticks in your craw?

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