Jimmy Fallon is No Elton John: An Emmys 2010 Recap

Every year, we TV people gather around the idiot box to see what shows were the best of last year. Well, at least what the Academies thought were the best, anyway. And, no, the irony of watching a television show about television shows isn’t lost on us.

Last night was a gala night for the small screen featuring a few surprises, a few snubs, and Jimmy Fallon in an Elton John suit.

Here’s a break down of what went down at the 2010 Emmy Awards.

First of all, Jimmy Fallon dropped the ball big time. I’m not a fan of his version of Late Night as is, but since the awards are in prime time, his content was limited (thanks to FCC regulation). I would equate his hosting of the Emmys to Jon Stewart’s (and I’m a huge Stewart fan, mind you) hosting of the Oscars.

Fallon’s opening sequence alone was a major let down. It was one giant ad for Glee. Compared to Conan’s opener from ’06, for example, this was just unoriginal and seemed last minute.

“But what about the awards, Merrill?” I’m sure you’re asking yourself.

The answer? This year was rather lame in the sense that there were almost no surprises.

Some of the noteworthy moments included:

  • The Daily Show winning for Best Variety Show. Actually, this year Stewart wasn’t even in attendance. My guess is that he was thinking, “We’ve won it six times already, who’s left to thank?”
  • As expected, The Pacific won in the Best Mini-Series category of which there were only two nominees.
  • Bryan Cranston took his third consecutive win for Breaking Bad, which was personally disappointing for me because I was really hoping the award would go to Hugh Laurie or Michael C. Hall.
  • Jane Lynch won a very well deserved Emmy for her role as Sue Sylvester on Glee. It also took the Emmy for Best Directing in A Comedy Series, but didn’t fully capitalize on its 19 nominations.
  • One of the few shockers was the award going to Kyra Sedgwick for The Closer in the Best Actress In A Drama Series category. Based on the hype, I expected January Jones or Mariska Hargitay to take it home.
  • Edie Falco walked away with the award for Best Actress in A Comedy Series for her work on Nurse Jackie.
  • Jim Parsons walked away with the award for Best Actor in A Comedy Series for The Big Bang Theory.
  • As I said before, the big contender this year for Best Comedy was Glee but the award ended up going to Modern Family which is now on my To Watch list.
  • Al Pacino walked away with the award for Best Actor in a TV Movie for his portrayal of Dr. Jack Kevorkian (who was also in attendance that night) in You Don’t Know Jack.

One of the biggest losers of the night was, you guessed it, LOST. The show walked away without any wins in any category. It won one Emmy last week during the Creative Arts Awards, but that was it. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the complete snubbing of shows like 24, Sons of Anarchy and Rescue Me.

Conan O’Brien, who was also in attendance (despite the ceremony being broadcast on NBC), didn’t walk away with any award either, but Fallon’s constant ripping on him was very funny.

This year’s Best Drama award was anyone’s guess. Except for LOST, which seemed to be there out of tradition, all of the nominees had a fair shot. The winner ultimately ended up being Mad Men for the third year in a row. Like Modern Family, this show is now on my To Watch list.

On the other side of the camera, Dexter took the award for Best Directing in A Drama Series.

That about sums up the 2010 Emmys. Overall, they were pretty lack-luster, but next week begins a brand new TV season and a whole new crop of television to adore… until the 2011 Emmys that is.

What shows do you watch?

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