Jim Sturgess is Heartless, This Poster Proves It

One of our faithful readers just sent us over an awesome, hi-res version of the poster for a film titled Heartless (which debuted earlier on ComingSoon as well), which stars 21‘s Jim Sturgess as a young man who makes a deal with the devil in order to become handsome, but then discovers the price of his good looks: he must become a killer.

Honestly, it looks and sounds like a cross between the TV show “Reaper” and the Paris Hilton star-vehicle The Hottie and the Nottie. I know that a statement like that is not a vote of confidence for the film, but consider this: Sturgess is a damn fine young actor, as he has proven in both 21 and Across the Universe, and director Philip Ridley has made a few movies that none of us have ever heard of. Ok, that doesn’t make it any better, I know. The poster looks pretty devious, though. Just give the image at the top a click to see the high resolution version.

Heartless is set to begin shooting in the UK on June 8th. It will also star Clémence Poésy (In Bruges, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Noel Clarke, Timothy Spall (Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd), Eddie Marsan (Miami Vice), Joseph Mawle and up-and-coming UK actors Luke Treadaway and Jon Macmillan.

Sound Off: Would you make a deal with the Devil to be handsome like Jim Sturgess?

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