Jim Morrison to Come Out of Hiding For ‘The Poet in Exile’

Ray Manzarek is probably best known as being the keyboardist for the legendary classic rock group The Doors, but it turns out he also spends some of his time writing weird, self-referential fan fiction. His novel The Poet in Exile is a fictionalized account that centers on The Doors’ lead singer Jim Morrison reappearing some 40 years after his death and revealing to Manzarek that being dead was all a hoax and that they now need to go on another crazy tour. If you ask me, someone who is writing books about their dead friends coming back to life should show their work to a therapist before they start sending it to people in Hollywood, but nobody ever asks me anything. So, according to Variety, a film version of The Poet in Exile is on its way.

Before I get too deep into making fun of Manzarek about how weird I think this book is, I’ll let him explain the project in his own words: “The number one question I get asked is, ‘Do you think Jim Morrison’s really dead?’ All I can say is, I personally have not seen or heard from Jim since he left for Paris 40 years ago. And I miss that guy. He was a poet. A Dionysus to my Apollo. A great performer, a shaman. And a damn good friend.” Okay, so maybe he’s not doing himself any favors. But before you think that he’s completely crazy, know that he doesn’t intend to play himself in the film. When asked, he told Variety, “I might do a cameo, but I don’t know if acting is my forte.”

A guy named Tim Sullivan will be adapting the book for the screen and directing, which is kind of weird because up until now he’s only directed horror movies. Back in 2006, he helmed a film called Driftwood and this year he directed a segment of a horror compilation called Chillerama. I would imagine this can only mean one thing; Sullivan has his own interesting take on the material and we’re finally going to get to see the thing that Doors fans have been demanding for decades: zombie Jim Morrison!

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