Jim Broadbent Joins the Next Harry Potter

post-broadbent.jpgJim Broadbent will play Horace Slughorn in the next Harry Potter film, according to an interview he gave to Garth Franklin over at Dark Horizons. He also discussed some minor details regarding his role in the upcoming Indiana Jones flick.

I’ve been a fan of Broadbent’s since his turn in Bullets Over Broadway (which is still one of my favorite Woody Allen films–and I don’t have a whole lot of those). So when preparing to write this article I cruised over to IMDB to check out Jim’s filmography. Honestly, it’s almost gasp-inducing. This has to be the hardest working man in Hollywood. Did you know he was in Gangs of New York? I suppose I remember him from that movie, but now I have the perfect excuse to rewatch it. Not that I need an excuse to rewatch a badass Martin Scorcese film, but when the girlfriend comes home and catches me and says, “You’re watching this again?!” I’ll at least have a reasonable response.

I’m also a big fan of Moulin Rouge, and he was excellent in that film.

Yes. I own Moulin Rouge. I’ve watched it numerous times. And, as a matter of fact, I am a real man. No, I don’t cry when I watch it. Well, not every time, at least. It depends on if I’m feeling especially romantic at the time.

Did I just type all of that out loud?

As for Harry Potter, I haven’t read a single book, I think the first film is nothing more than a glorified Powerpoint presentation, and the second film was only marginally better. I was surprised at how much I liked Prisoner of Azkaban (the first in the series that I think qualifies as being a real movie, thanks to the direction of Alfonso Cuar³n). The fourth movie was crap and I didn’t bother with seeing the latest abomination. My best friend and my son went to see it while the girlfriend and I ducked into a separate theater to enjoy Hairspray. Hairspray was pretty damned good, I might add. And no, it didn’t make me cry. Much.

Did I mention that I plan on rewatching Gangs of New York tonight? After that, I think I’ll check out Raging Bull for the gazillionth time. Why? Because those are real man movies. Not that I have to watch any movie to be a real man. I’m perfectly comfortable with my masculinity. Who said I wasn’t?

Am I still typing this article? Can someone make me stop?

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