Jessica Biel Has Sex Every Day For ‘F*cking Engaged’

By  · Published on October 29th, 2009

As much as I would love for this site to be taken over by gossip items about Jessica Biel’s taint and who is tickling George Clooney’s thighs these days, it just plain can’t go to the dogs that way. You can tell by the quality of the writing, that we take movies seriously, damn it.

And for a first time writer, things are starting to get serious, because Jessica Biel will be producing and starring in the (probably R-rated) comedy Fucking Engaged, written by first-timer Julia Brownell. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story involves a couple that seeks to keep the chemistry and spark alive in their relationship so they vow to get Biblical with each other every day of their engagement. You know what they say about an apple a day.

This. Sounds. Awesome.

Why? Because it has easy sequel potential if it’s funny – seeing a couple attempting to engage in coitus on the regular even after the honeymoon is over – and the Powder Blue star is definitely an easy advertising draw for something like this. Furthermore, I love any news that involves new writers getting a shot and more R-rated comedies being made.

No word yet on a director, but we’ll keep an eye on this, her taint, and Clooney’s thighs for you.

What the?

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